Barrence Baytos BIO

Ballet’s loss was Professional Athletes’ and Weekend Warriors’ gain.  Barrence Baytos is a former international ballet dancer and teacher.  After a career-ending injury in 1995, Barrence turned his talents and energy to the science of movement and restorative therapies.  After pursuing a degree in Sports Medicine, the ambitious Baytos opened his own business as a private practitioner, where he developed his PRO-NMT (NeuroMuscular Therapy) system.  In his twenty years of work and study he has successfully treated thousands of people while developing a strong reputation in the US and abroad.

Because of his work with an elite Laker’s player for the past 16 years, word of Mr. Baytos’ expertise has made him an in-demand resource among professional athletes.

He has worked with hundreds of high level athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, USA Track & Field, European soccer, and professional figure skating.

Baytos served as an independent contractor for Los Angeles Lakers and concurrently worked with Los Angeles Clippers for 2010-2012 seasons as a consultant.  He continues to seek, learn, and offer cutting edge techniques and therapies from around the world for his patients.

Mr. Baytos respects clients’ confidentiality and privacy; he has created a safe environment for athletes and professionals alike.