Neuromuscular Therapy is a “hands-on” soft tissue therapy specifically designed to identify and address muscular dysfunction, pain and restore proper movement patterns. This effective connective tissue therapy boosts the body’s ability to recover from prolonged exposure to the stress of injury, overtraining and fatigue.

Today’s athletes and active people need rejuvenation and recovery in order to maintain optimum health, and performance. Many trainers, classes’ and coaches tout rigorous exercises and athletic programs, yet deny their athlete’s the ability to effectively recover from intense training regimes and injuries.

The body needs a dynamic internal environment in order to maximize its’ potential and maintain optimum functioning. Many physiological, emotional and environmental imbalances are directly traced to the body’s repeated exposure to prolonged, repetitive trauma. This directly challenges the body’s ability to maintain proper health. Neuromuscular Therapy helps to restore “dynamic equilibrium” to the body’s systems. It addresses fatigue, functional adaptation to sport and injury.